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There are three common myths about artificial intelligence (AI).

The first myth: artificial intelligence primarily replaces simple routine operations. No, that's not true. Routine operations are replaced by automation, and artificial intelligence takes away complex expert activities from people.

The second myth: artificial intelligence works worse than a human expert. This is also not true. Even today, artificial intelligence is better at making diagnoses based on x-rays than a specialized doctor. It is possible that there are doctors who can analyze x-rays very accurately, but there are also those who are prone to certain perceptual errors. Collectively, a group of doctors turns out to be a worse diagnostician than artificial intelligence.

The third myth: artificial intelligence is more expensive than work of a specialist. This is also not true. A successful project in the field of artificial intelligence allows you to develop a technology that significantly reduces the cost of the service compared to an expensive expert.

Conclusion: artificial intelligence replaces the expert and provides a better result for less money.

In recent years, we, ECOPSY, have invested in creating AI tools in the field of HR. In the magazine you will find a description of the main technologies that we have managed to develop. I will limit myself to two examples.

The Echo - automated assessment of leadership potential based on video interviews. The machine analyzes the spoken text, its content and emotions. AI has not yet been able to "beat" the assessment center in terms of validity and reliability, but it has already shown better predictivity than any tests. Keeping in mind, a three-minute fragment is sufficient for analysis. You can imagine: people spend 3 minutes, not an hour, and the machine makes an accurate forecast of their leadership behavior. And this is not a miracle — it is artificial intelligence.

The second example is - the DEEP - method for identifying the real values of corporate culture.
You can conduct dozens of interviews and focus groups, you can give employees a complex questionnaire — in all cases, social desirability will work, and we will not see the true picture. DEEP is a kind of "x-ray" for corporate culture, highlighting what is hidden under the "edges" of social desirability.

ECOPSY has a team of enthusiasts who are in love with AI technology. In recent years, it has, in my somewhat biased view, made a breakthrough in the HR field. At the same time, when investing in the development of new technologies, we did not think about one more feature of AI: it can be applied remotely. And that's why today our AI enthusiasts are reaping the demand has soared at times for products that the market used to treat with caution.